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Because the system is generic, anyone in the world can use it.  All your services will be in your own language.  lad de da and on we go

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A new system, called the online reporting system has been developed for use on your phone, pad, laptop or computer that will allow those who offer it to their clients, to post a report to a secure location that the client can access by a username and password.

Originally designed for pest controllers to give home owners and tenants a permanent report showing what pests were treated, and what chemical were laid down, on each property, the system has now been extended to include all trades, professions and businesses.

There is a 30 day free trial period with the system for those who want to try it out and offer the system to their clients.

Invaluable for real estate agents with tenanted properties who need to be able to show new tenants what pests have been treated in the past and what chemicals are on the property.

Also usable for both vendor and buyer of property to establish what work has been done on the property by all trades, including pest controllers, carpenters, plumbers and electricians etc.

To read about the system and use the 30 day free trial period, please visit this web site and register with us.

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Register with use and use the 30 day free trial period to build your own reporting system.  The menu buttons at the top of the page will allow you to make the changes you want.

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The first part

is the system itself, which whilst usable by any trade, profession or business

The second part
is that not everyone has a web site and as such, as part of the system, I am offering a free web site

The third part

is that I have developed a directory that will allow people looking for those trades, professions etc who offer the service to go to the directory and access all those who service the local or otherwise area they want to use the service in

back to the topDo I get a free trial period

Please click on the register button to take advantage of our 30 day free trial.

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The one fee we charge is an annual fee of $250 (inclusive of GST) which allows users to have a free web site, use of the system and a listing on the directory, or if you have your own web site, then you will use that and still have the system and the directory listing.